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Apple vs. Microsoft / Macbooks Pro vs. Surface Studio

  • Apple is stalling for time with its new Macbook Pro laptops sporting the same design we’ve seen for years, but with the addition of a new touchscreen Touch Bar that doubles as a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.
    • But why include a small touch strip why you have an entire real touchscreen? Why can’t Apple build a better Mac? Well, the replacement for the Mac is already here. It’s called the iPhone. Launching a touchscreen Mac now could confuse the market.
    • After Microsoft launched Surface Studio, Apple is no longer the darling of the tech world it once was. Many believe that Microsoft soared and Apple bored.
  • Microsoft is resurgent when launching Surface Studio desktop PC which Business Insider’s Steve Kovach commented that “the studio isn’t a computer. It’s an entirely new computing category, a sort of desktop-tablet hybrid that already has people excited.”
    • Microsoft out-innovated Apple and inspired people with the Surface Studio’s sharp, super-thin screen, smart design and innovative click wheel. It’s a 28-inch touchscreen device that moves from a vertical display down to the perfect angle for an artistic drafting board. However, with the cheapest Surface Studio featuring a $2,999 price tag, this is not a system that many people would consider as an impulse purchase.
    • Microsoft also launched Paint 3D app. You can take photos within the app and turn them into 3D objects. The app also allows you to draw or doodle in 3D and export print ready files for your 3D printer.
  • The real game now, then, is whether Microsoft can use the Surface hype to bring Windows back to growth, before Apple sorts out the existential crisis with its platforms and starts pushing its computers forward again.

Now, let’s watch the inspirational video from Microsoft: Introducing Microsoft Surface Studio: